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SIRIUS Stationary Appliance

For the most demanding tasks at Enterprise or Data Center level up to true lossless 100 Gbps full line-rate capture at any packet size. The 19″ systems, scalable by speed (1 to 100Gbps) and storage capacity up to 20 Petabytes.

SIRIUS Portable M

Perfect mobile solution for on-the-field packet capture, with 10M/100M/1G/10G/25G/40G/100G interfaces, capable of 55 Gbps capture performance. Available with a storage capacity up to massive 500 Terabytes.

SIRIUS Portable L

Perfect mobile solution for on-demand packet capture, with 10M/100M/1G/10G/25G/40G/100G interfaces, capable of 100 Gbps line-rate capture performance. Available with a storage capacity up to massive 960 Terabytes.

SIRIUS Portable Compact

The SIRIUS Portable Compact is a ultracompact, most portable system with 4x 1/10GbE or 2x 10/25/40/100GbE Interface, capable of 50Gbps accurate capture & storage. Storage capacity starts at
6 Terabytes.

Enhanced & Customizable Solutions with SIRIUS

  • SwiftWing SIRIUS is a “solution oriented” packet capture platform for accurate big data analysis. We develop specific and targeted solutions for various business sectors.
  • Beyond packet capture and management of the capture archive, SwiftWing SIRIUS represents the groundwork for several advanced requirements, e.g., integrating individual functions, special analysis programs or other 3rd Party applications.

Capture Storage Consumption

Link Rate 1 Second 1 Hour 1 Day
1 Gbps 125 MB 450 GB 10 TB
2 Gbps 250 MB 900 GB 22 TB
10 Gbps 1.25 GB 4.5 TB 108 TB
20 Gbps 2.5 GB 9 TB 216 TB
40 Gbps 5 GB 18 TB 512 TB
100 Gbps 12.5 GB 450 TB 1.08 PB

Capture system that doesn’t stop

  • SIRIUS offers a piece of mind by ensuring that your network monitoring data is captured and stored in a precise, redundant and reliable system.
  • While capturing with and creating PCAP files to the storage, the storage space will be filled-up after some time depending on the capture rate.
  • SIRIUS focuses on capture continuity by practicing PCAP file rotation policy where oldest file will be shifted out and replaced by latest file.
  • Even if a given capture is stopped, it can be resumed and have all the PCAP files created to the same location, easing the export tasks while you captures are to be collected in separate locations, maximizing the portable solution.

SwiftWing SIRIUS can DO more for you.

Works seamlessly with industry leading monitoring and diagnostic solutions

Besides the With RESTful API, captures and stores data in standard PCAP and nanoseconds PCAP format which can be conveniently used by all other network monitoring, analysis tools and applications available in the market today.

Ease-of-use to perform targeted tasks and selections

Intuitive graphical user interface for complete controls and flexible configurations. Robust and flexible hardware filtering function to both the packet header and payload during the capture process with no impact to the capture performance.

Scalable Solutions

The SIRIUS covers a complete range of product, from stationary rack-mounted to portable system. Additionally, SIRIUS storage size is customizable to suit the requirement needs.

Sustainability & Commitment

SIRIUS project is continuous and on-going, innovating the best features that none of other product could match in terms of capture and storage capability.

SIRIUS Capture & Storage Appliance

Read about SIRIUS features, technical specifications and case studies.

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Capture Solution Customization

We always prepare to hear from customer where specific requirement is needed.

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