High performance and loss-less monitoring enables discovery of the finest details about your network

SwiftWing SIRIUS delivers unprecedented network packet capture and storage at extreme loads that guarantees visibility at finest level and turns for reliable analysis. SIRIUS full line-rate (1G/10G/25G/40G/100G) performance assures detailed network profile are precisely and persistently recorded for future references.


Tremendous network connectivity growth generates huge amount of traffic and this brings to the advancement of network capturing tool. SIRIUS packet loss-less quality guarantees that every single traffic profile is being accurately and precisely recorded, by utilising state of the art in-house technology.


The complexity of network infrastructure is being scaled exponentially to meet requirements. Thus, having a pool of high quality network traffic data is able to uncover all real network conditions because each of the communication flow is being accurately recorded and illustrated as meaningful graphs.


Minute change in link rate behaviour and pattern symbolises unusual network activity. By recognising network link’s statistical utilisation, any type of network condition can be visualised and identified instantaneously and followed by standard operation protocol.


10M/100M/1G/10G/25G/40G/100G Multi-rate capture simultaneously in one chassis.

Ports configuration example
: 16 ports x 10/25GbE
: 8 ports x 10GbE +8 ports x 25GbE
: 8 ports x 10/25GbE
+ 2 ports x 40/100G
: 8 ports x 10M/100M/1G/10GbE
: 4 ports x 10M/100M/1G/10GbE
+ 2 ports x 40/100G
: 4 ports x 40/100GbE
… and More!

 223 million packets are captured and write to disk every seconds at 150 Gbps without packet lost, while rendering real-time statistical packet information, as well as traffic analysis.  

-Developers, ComWorth Solutions Pte. Ltd.

Capture anything, Analyse everything

SIRIUS offers great usability and capabilities in the analysis of intrusion detection as well as post-analysis of network behaviour and environment where long duration of full network traffic capture is required. As a solution, the capability of SIRIUS is further extended with the introduction of traffic analysis engine, Traemon and software-defined Network Packet Broker. Therefore, SIRIUS solution’s readiness and flexibility ensures greatest fit to your network while providing services to various operation.

SwiftWing's entities

SwiftWing product lines are optimized in performance and usability to allow user to focus on working with the network data and not operating the capture appliances.


Dynamic Channel Control

Capture full-duplex communication all together or individually


Hardware Customization

Have a perfect fit of capture duration according to actual network traffic profile


Sustainable Storage

Highly secured capture file system with data redundancies, yet high performance


Flexible Opt. System

Allows 3rd party software integrations, also virtualization support that supports interoperability


Capture Automation

With multi scheduled capture and RESTful API integration


Real-time Analysis

Dual engines that is able to analyse, capture and index network traffic


Solution Integration

Captured data are stored as open-sourced PCAP format with nanosecond precision


User Friendly WebGUI

Easy usage on the system operations with intuitive design that enhances efficiency

SIRIUS Capture & Storage Appliance

Read about SIRIUS features, technical specifications and case studies.

Traemon Network Traffic Analyzer

Understand more about ComWorth developed latest network traffic analyzer and its capabilities.

Procyon FT Network PacketBroker

Get familiar with software defined network packet broker for better control of the network traffic.

Capture Solution Customization

We always prepare to hear from customer where specific requirement is needed.

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