XenaManager-2G Test Software (XM-2G)

XenaManager-2G Test Software (XM-2G)

XENA Test & Emulation Test & Simulation

Layer 2-3 Software


  • Stateless Layer 2-3 traffic generation and analysis
  • Ideal for functional and performance testing of 1/10/40/100 GigE
  • Easy management of ports and traffic streams shaped to match any real-world scenaria
  • Packet editor with support for both protocol and byte-level packet definitions
  • Automatic protocol decoding of incoming packets
  • Supports multiple Xena chassis shared by multiple users in different locations down to the port level via TCP/IP
  • Supplied free with every Xena chassis, together with 3 years’ free SW upgrades
  • Comes bundled with a growing range of value-add test apps including XenaScripting, XenaIntegrator, Xena2544, Xena1564, Xena2889, and Xena3918
  • Can be accessed via any HTML-5 browser (via XenaWeb)

XenaManager-2G test software (XM-2G) – Core Functions

XenaManager-2G test software (XM-2G) is used to configure and generate streams of Ethernet traffic between Xena test equipment and devices under test (DUTs)at all speeds up 100Gbps, and analyze the results.

The user-friendly interface makes XenaManager-2G test software an effective tool for performing a wide range of core test scenarios for network equipment manufacturers (NEMs), network service providers, research organizations, enterprise, government and conformance testers.

Below: This screen shows a stream statistics chart where the latencies of two streams are displayed in real time.

XenaManager-2G test software is a free application for generating and analyzing Gig-E traffic

The port and stream configuration grids let test engineers quickly view and work with a numerous ports and streams simultaneously.

The traffic streams can be shaped to match very specific real-world scenarios using a wide range of variables. The packet editor function supports both protocol (IP, VLAN, UDP, etc.) and byte-level packet definitions, and the packet capture function can also automatically decode the packet content at the protocol level.

XenaManager-2G also makes it easy to quickly view and analyze traffic statistics, payload errors, latency and jitter. set up specific filters for incoming traffic, and perform real-time capture of packets.

The XenaManager-2G test software offers many ways to streamline testing.

These range from being able to copy and paste stream definitions across ports quickly customizing the GUI to match the test engineers’ needs by e.g. letting them hide irrelevant controls etc so they can better focus on the task they are currently performing.

Once test-beds and test cases have been configured, they can by saved and shared with other users. XM-2G can be used by multiple users in different locations to manage multiple Xena chassis simultaneously.

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Layer 2-3 Software [XenaManager-2G Test Software (XM-2G)]