SwiftWing Procyon FT

SwiftWing Procyon FT

SwiftWing Network Monitoring & Capturing Network Capture & Data Storage


Anything less is not meaningful, anything more is redundant.
Originating from Ota, Tokyo, the SwiftWing Series has enjoyed great success since its introduction in 2003. 

This series of products is commonly referred to as packet broker.
Ethernet frames forwarded to each port from an external device can be forwarded to any multiple ports in the device.
In addition, filtering, VLAN address modification, addition, and deletion can be easily performed via the GUI by using the header contents in the packet as a key.
It has a send-back warranty for 5year.

    Easy operation with Web GUI
    • Intuitive and simple user interface with just mouse control for most of the major settings such as port groups, paths, statistics, etc.
    • Operation screens are bilingual in English and Japanese
    Remote Management

    • SNMP monitoring(port status、trap)
    • Remote Syslog
    Five years send-back warranty
Port assing

Path configuration

Output port filter configration


Output port VLAN tag replace(ID,PCP)、delete/add actions

VLAN tag replace(ID,PCP)

VLAN tag delete/add


Input/output port statistics

Path statistics


System Management Functions

SNMP Trap / Remote Syslog


RJ45(10M/100M/1G) x48ports+SFP+(10G) x4ports


SFP/SFP+(1G/10G) x48ports+QSFP+(40G)/QSFP28(100G) x6ports


RJ45(1G/10G) x48ports+QSFP+(40G)/QSFP28(100G) x6ports


SFP/SFP+/SFP28(1G/10G/25G) x48ports+ QSFP+/QSFP28 (40G/100G) x8ports


QSFP+/QSFP28 (40G/100G) x32ports