Pica8 Software-Defined Networking (SDN) SDN OS


PicOS includes:

  • A Layer-2 protocol stack featuring MLAG
  • Full Layer-3 protocol support including OSPF, BGP and multicast
  • Support for OpenFlow, OVSDB, and key SDN protocols
  • Integration with market-leading SDN controllers including HP VAN, ONOS, OpenDaylight, and Ryu
  • Simple device provisioning and management via ZTP, CLI, DevOps automation tools, and a standard Linux shell



PicOS is obtained through an easy one-time, perpetual software license model.

You can choose from three PicOS editions: switching, routing, and OpenFlow (see PicOS Editions table below).

PicOS is certified to run on white box switch hardware from our hardware compatibility list.

Three Editions to Leverage
A base configuration starts with the Linux Switching OS package. For additional functionality, select either the Routing or OpenFlow Editions, or the PicOS Bundle depending on your use case.



Pica8 in Your Remote or Branch Office

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