SwiftWing Traemon

Traemon DPI · Dedicated Network Traffic Visualizer and Analyzer

Complement with SIRIUS packet capture and storage technology, Traemon impressed the audience with real-time analytical results out of the box, complete the network puzzle in an elegant manner.

Service Usage Analysis

Provides an overview of between the network traffic throughput and the number of active connection count, and further differentiated by different service protocols.

Transmission Quality

Quickly drill down to which could be the potential network traffic congestion root cause, as well as which nodes suffers transmission loss in terms of packet.

HTTP Monitoring

Identify the average turn-around-time a.k.a. TAT among different HTTP methods or request host for better network profiling management.

Graphs your network with Traemon, analyse it.

  • Visualize network traffic by graph and analysis on real-time by providing effective and easy detection of fraudulent access, fault isolation and anomaly.
  • TCP/UDP flow analysis feature enables advanced analysis such as service usage and anomaly detection by analyzing HTTP response time and measuring the HTTP meta-data.

Advanced Deep Packet Inspection

Traemon provides more than 60 kinds of graphs to visualize the network conditions.

  • Transferred Traffic by Service
  • TCP Connection Quality
  • TCP Transmission Quality
  • HTTP TAT Analysis
  • HTTP Meta Analysis
  • IP Conversation Ranking
  • HTTP 404 Response Count, etc

Traemon delivers DEEPER network visibility

Readily integrate with SIRIUS as Packet Capture based DPI

Coupled with proprietary high performance packet capture technology, you are able to extract the packet based on anomaly detected by the DPI analysis, thus making the solution compliance-proof because no packet was dropped.

Specialised and dedicated FPGA hardware for analysis

Heavy load deep analysis is perfected with the highly engineered network adapter that’s just focus on network traffic interfacing, yielding most the most accurate and reliable traffic data for analysis.

Traemon advanced monitoring does not incur latency to your network

As Traemon system being deployed with tap-fed network traffic, that totally exclude any direct impact to packet delay or latency to the network. As supplementary monitoring system, Traemon provides the best network representation.

Customisable solution that fits to your existing infrastructure

As always, ComWorth works closely with the clients in making best customised solution that brings the most benefits.

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Capture Solution Customization

We always prepare to hear from customer where specific requirement is needed.

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