Dedicated for Robust Packet Capturing & Storage

Flexible integration into any networking monitoring solution for analytical streaming activities

SwiftWing SIRIUS can be used without being limited to a specific system requirements or characteristics from other vendor solutions or brands. If offers an intuitive workflow to get results which can be achieved within minutes.

Hardware and Software Integrations

By leveraging wide range of peripherals that we offer, you can rest assured that the system integration fits well into existing infrastructure.

Management Through Web Application

SwiftWing SIRIUS web application provides an intuitive gateway for easy manipulation of the capture and system, without the hassle of client software installation.

Industry Standard PCAP Output

Conveniently feed 3rd party software with network traffic trace file in open PCAP format, with which supported by various operating system.

Remote Logging for Alerts

Support SNMP traps, remote syslog, internal application log for alerts and security logging.

Advanced Capture & File Management

Powerful capture configuration supports packet slicing, file rotation and data protection mechanism, as well as orderly session presentation and balance sheets.


Allows integration of remote access to stored data, PCAP files, and statistics with 3rd party appliances and custom scripts / middleware.

Dynamic capture control that ensures least effort in getting desired and ideal results

Slice and Rotate

Network packet’s payload can be sliced to save storage space and be continuously capture by file rotation.

Hardware Packet Filtering

SIRIUS pre-defined and customised filter such as HTTP methods, IP, ports etc are for precise network data pruning so that wanted data can be captured.

Real-time Alerts

Pre-defined alert allows various event such as file lock (prevent from rotation) once the ingress packets matches defined criteria.

How SwiftWing SIRIUS thrives as a network data storage in your infrastructure?

You may remotely access, control adn have a general visibility of currently tapped network traffic.

Total Infrastructure Links Monitoring

Traditional network monitoring does have restriction on the number of links to be monitored. However, with packet lossless guarantee, SwiftWing SIRIUS solution enables the ingress of multiple aggregated links through simple network traffic redirection, thus achieve greater monitoring coverage.

Integrate and Innovate

With RESTful API communication, it enables analyst to collect statistical data as an input for decision making agenda, or allows network architect to scale certain overloaded network traffic. Also, SwiftWing SIRIUS Desktop access provide more control of the system via custom scripting, and better utilisation of system resources.

Automates Capture with Scheduler

Self-controlled system plays an essential role, capture can be initiated on specific days within a week, throughout the year, at specific time as well. The resultant will be a list of capture sessions with specific time range, this save time for data pruning, increased productivity by having meaningful data to be analysed.

Post-Capture Data Extraction and Export

Analyse vast amount of data requires time, hence capture index provides reference to quickly locate specific date time range of data or by network metadata such as IP address and ports. As such, the original data can be extracted efficiently and export for inspection.

Systematic Archived Capture Listing

Once network traffic is captured, it can be listed through SwiftWing SIRIUS web application and view through all captures that has been done. Of course, all properties of the capture are well kept for reference in the future. Data files and folders can be also off-loaded via FTP, SFTP transfers.

SIRIUS Capture & Storage Appliance

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Capture Solution Customization

We always prepare to hear from customer where specific requirement is needed.

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