NFC Forum Approves KEOLABS’ Validation Solution.

NFC Forum

This solution allows companies designing NFC capable products to verify the strict conformance of their protocol implementation to NFC Forum standards …

25 September 2014, Montbonnot France — Today KEOLABS, a leading provider of testing tools and services for smart objects and NFC, announced the NFC Forums’ accreditation of its NFC Forum Digital Validation Solution. This solution allows companies designing NFC capable products to verify the strict conformance of their protocol implementation to NFC Forum standards and thus ensure interoperability with other NFC products on the market. Ensuring broad interoperability of NFC objects enables their use in a variety of applications such as payment, transportation ticketing, customer loyalty applications, site-based information services or pairing of mobiles and other systems.

KEOLABS’ validation solutions ease the challenges of “in-house” testing by providing integrated hardware/software solutions, as well as open access to testing scenarios (scripted in Python language) and testing results. KEOLABS’ NFC Forum Digital Validation Solution is based on the SCRIPTIS™ software environment and ProxiLAB communication emulator/analyzer whose capabilities are tailored to smart card and NFC testing needs. SCRIPTIS’ integrates manager, editor, result viewer and reporting in a single interface for greater efficiency in test bench configuration, test campaign management and results analysis.

The NFC Forum Digital Validation Solution is a natural extension of KEOLABS’ technology-specific testing solutions for smart cards (ISO 14443 A/B, FeliCa, ISO7816) and mobile phones (NCF IP1/IP2, SWP – HCI/HDLC). The solution also complements KEOLABS’ application specific solutions for testing payment (EMV, PayPass), transportation ticketing (CIPURSE, CEN/TC 278, Mifare) and identity (e-MRTD, e-driving license, ID card) – application areas where NFC opens new opportunities for the use of mobile phones.

The NFC Forum Digital Validation Solution is also complemented by an analog-level testing solution for verification of low-level RF implementation. This solution is currently in the NFC Forum certification process. Moreover, KEOLABS’ Testing Laboratory offers testing services for NFC enabled phones and smart objects (smart cards, tags, etc) based on its NFC Forum testing solutions.

NFC Forum is a non-profit industry association that advances the use of Near Field Communication (NFC) technology. The NFC Forum Compliance Program is a comprehensive program to ensure the highest levels of quality and consistency in certification testing. It requires that certification testing be conducted with approved tools, in authorized labs, using the latest version of the Test Case Category List (TCCL). The Certification Program is open to NFC Forum members only.

NFC is a standards-based connectivity technology. NFC harmonizes today’s diverse contactless technologies, enabling current and future solutions in areas such as access control, consumer electronics, health care, information collection and exchange, loyalty and coupons, payments, and transport. NFC technology is supported by the world’s leading communication device manufacturers, semiconductor producers, network operators, IT and services companies, and financial services organizations.

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