[ New product release! ] SwiftWing Traemon – Real-time Network Analysis Probe

SwiftWing Traemon now available!


SwiftWing Traemon (“Try-mon”) is a system providing real-time analysis and visualization of network traffic. It excels at identifying unauthorized communication and isolating flaws in the network. Not only does it support TCP/UDP flow analysis, it can measure HTTP response time (TAT) and analyze HTTP metadata to perform more advanced analyses such as visualization of service usage trends and detection of abnormalities.

Traemon offers more than 60 charts to help users visualize data about service usage traffic, TCP connection quality, TCP transfer quality, HTTP response time, HTTP metadata, and other network status information. When deployed in coordination with Sirius Network Drive Recorder (NDR), the analysis results obtained from Traemon can be used to filter network packets captured by Sirius NDR.

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