ComWorth’s 25GbE Solutions

25 is the new 10, 50 is the new 40, 100 is the best score

The above statement was uncovered as the Ethernet technology moving forward, leaning towards leaf-spine topology that’s highly scalable and better adaptation to software-defined networking.

Leaf-spine topology allows the need of growth for the “East-West” network traffic with negligible bandwidth limitation as the spine switches are now interacting at 40G or 100G link speed. Therefore, more room for appliances with better connectivity and separation between network functions (virtualisation) and hardware resources.

Leaf-spine topology of Data Centers
EdgeCore Networks 25G 7300 Series

The idea of 25G replacing 10G networks can be supported by the advancement of I/O read and write bandwidth of NVMe, multi-core processors at higher clock speeds to keep pace with the incoming network traffic throughput. One of the example is into the broadcast network with 4K UHD (or even 8K UHD at higher bandwidth) that replaces the traditional SDI infrastructures.

Using Pica8 SDN White Box Switches for Broadcast Networks Platform

ComWorth is glad to have solutions that needed for each level of the infrastructure that’s cost effective, customisable to organisation being approached. ComWorth has been in network solution provider industry for more than 50 years.

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