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Line-rate network traffic capture and storage with real-time network data extraction

SwiftWing’s SIRIUS provides maximum packet capture performance in a neutral file format that meets clients’ demands for a plain network recording and capture archiving. With large amount of network data, SIRIUS is capable of performing packet indexing that eases filtration process.

Lossless Packet Capture

True line rate packet capture appliance sustaining up to 40Gbps network traffic capture to disk, without dropping single packet.

Nanosecond Precision Timestamp

Accurately stamp each packet at nanosecond precision, allowing precise network traffic reconstruction at critical incident.

Hardware Packet Filter

Selectively discard un-wanted packets on the fly without sacrificing host resources, desirably store useful and meaningful data to storage.

High Speed Data Retrieval

Real-time raw data download, as well as real-time data refinery based on traffic’s metadata to provide complete set of pre-processed data for post analysis.

Secured RAID Storage

High performing storage ensures no packet is loss at intensive network conditions. Redundant RAID setup ensures data stays safe and readily available.

Capture Continuity

Network traffic can be captured 24/7 without stopping, and even once stopped, it can be resumed and continued capturing without performance degradation.

100% visibility for every trunks of the network that's being monitored

Real-time Statistics

Graphs each port’s traffic rate so that it is clear that the amount of network data is being captured at any given time.

L3 and L4 Monitoring

Delivers various network (L3) and transport (L4) layer protocols statistics such as IPv4, IPv6, VLAN, TCP, UDP etc. It can be customised to suit your need.

Network Flow Control

Assures every network communication flow are well preserved and not broken while high traffic rate is being load balanced.

How does SwiftWing SIRIUS benefits you?

SwiftWing SIRIUS provides top tier quality in terms of network traffic data delivery, making sure every single bits count for further analysis.

Incident Network Traffic Analysis

Lossless network traffic capturing form the basis of a precise network flow analysis upon receiving a network traffic incident. The complete captured network traffic provides network engineers clues to pinpoint the cause of reported incident with the help of analysis tool, hence boosting productivity.

Unusual Network Traffic Detection

Network traffic for a normal day forms a pattern, traffic rates, and other protocol-based averages. When the network traffic is monitored and illustrated with graphs, the detection of anomalies become easier and action could be taken to prevent disastrous event.

Reliable Network Traffic Data Source

SwiftWing SIRIUS is tested at its 100% capture bandwidth and it is sustainable over time, it can be used for various studies and analysis with the network sampling. This would perfectly help in network optimisation and scaling, without sacrificing the need of re-development.

State-of-the-art Packet Timestamp Accuracy

Timestamp is a crucial element within a network of hosts, to keep each of them aligned and synchronized. With each packet being timestamped at nanosecond and synced with master clock, we ensure that all network flows that’s constructed by series of packets are perfectly sequenced.

Cyber-attack Interception

As SwiftWing SIRIUS is designed for monitoring, any form of Ethernet packet that pass through will be captured, this includes cyber-attack traffics. As such, boundary network even before Firewall can be monitored and traces can be recovered for network forensics purposes.

Highly Customisable Hardware

Capture capability and storage size can be customised upon special request. However, there are full range of standard models listed that suits different entity’s need.

SIRIUS™ Capture & Storage Appliance

Read about SIRIUS™ features, technical specifications and case studies.

Tramir™ Network Traffic Analyzer

Understand more about ComWorth developed latest network traffic analyzer and its capabilities.

Network Packet Redirection

Get familiar with software defined network packet broker for better control of the network traffic.

Capture Solution Customization

We always prepare to hear from customer where specific requirement is needed.

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