SharkFest 2019 US

ComWorth Joining SharkFest 2019 US

Event Name SharkFest 19 US
Date and Time 10 Jun 2019 (Monday) ~ 13 Jun 2019 (Thursday)

Day 1: Jun 10 (Mon) 18: 00 - 20: 30 SharkFest’19 US Welcome Dinner & Sponsor Showcase (Krutch)
Day 2: Jun 11 (Tue) 09: 00 - 20: 30 Sponsor Technology Showcase Reception, Treasure Hunt & Dinner (Krutch)
Day 3: Jun 12 (Wed) 09: 00 - 20: 30 Reception, Dinner & Group Competition (Lawrence Hall of Science)
Day 4: Jun 13 (Thu) 09: 00 - 19: 30
Venue UC Berkeley Clark Kerr Campus
Krutch Auditorium Lobby
2601 Warring Street
Berkeley, CA 94720
Clark Kerr Campus Conference Center Directions
Conference Official Website

Highlights about ComWorth’s SwiftWing Sirius NDR

SwiftWing Sirius NDR is a high performance packet capture appliance that acts as a packet depository of your network while providing network analysis, online packet index, traffic counters etc.

However, we would like to focus that our appliance is flexible to fit any data centers and make your packet capturing experiences truly fruitful. By getting a convenient in packet data collection, further analysis can be done via virtual host that be either installed with Sirius or 3rd party softwares.

Flexible Capture Control

We introduce the flagship 10/25/40/100Gbps packet capture appliance with flexible packet channeling (streaming) for storage. On the same appliance, link-speed can be changed, by a click of a button.

Supporting up to 4 channels of capture, it means that at anytime, 4 sessions of packet capture event can happen at the same time, accessing respective directories. Each channel can be any combination of the selected ports, it’s all in your hands.

Traffic Visualization

At high speed, even 100Gbps, we display traffic rates, until Layer 3 and Layer 4 statistics & counters. You may define your own sets of protocols for display too.

The latest detail of the packets are being displayed to give you some reference to which type of packet that’s currently passing through your network.

We are looking for North America business partners

ComWorth has been a global organization offering high performance lossless packet capture appliances throughout Asia, as well as Europe. If you participate in SharkFest 19 US, find us and we will share more about our products as well as value-added services.