ComWorth Solutions promotes Pica8 White Box SDN products

ComWorth Solutions promotes Pica8 White Box SDN products

What Pica8 Does?

Pica8 builds a networking operating system, PicOS™, for software-defined networking

Our customers and partners use PicOS to build the most flexible and programmable networks in the world using white box switches and software-defined networking (SDN).

Network Operating System

PicOS is a Linux-based operating system (OS) that transforms a white box switch into a tunable platform, helping customers build differentiated services while eliminating hardware lock in.

PicOS provides extensive support for traditional switching and routing protocols with a rich Layer-2 and Layer-3 protocol stack, command-line configuration, automation, and support for full SDN programmability.

White Box

Pica8 simplifies the transition to open networking with white box hardware. PicOS supports a broad range of switching hardware through a growing list of hardware suppliers.

Customers can purchase PicOS as a software license or as an integrated package pre-loaded onto white box hardware.

OpenFlow and SDN Integration

Networks are moving to software defined architectures for dynamic control, automated provisioning and custom use cases designed for each individual environment.

Pica8 provides the foundation for SDN projects. We are the industry leader in OpenFlow, OVSDB, and other key APIs, and support a wide variety of controllers, protocols and integration with third-party solutions.

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